Thailand has always been one of the most preferred vacay destinations for us Indians. It’s much closer to home, sans Visa troubles, the cuisine is spicy just the way we like and there are scores and scores of beaches to explore with white sands beneath our feet and crystal clear waters urging us to dive in. It is also a great shopping destination, Sarojini Nagar 2.0 if you will with everything from clothes to electronics etc. So if we tell you that you can actually take that epic road trip you’ve been planning since forever to Thailand, will you believe us?! You better because it’s true people.

India To Thailand By Road
How is this incredible journey by road possible? The Asian Highway Number 1 that connects the two countries through Myanmar. The Myawaddy-Thinggan Nyenaung-Kawkareik section of this highway specifically is responsible for what can be the best road trip ever. You get to witness the serene northeast as well as the picturesque Bagan and Yangon through Myanmar. Something that is impossible to witness when you take a flight. Check out this video for a detailed list of all the wondrous sights you get to see on this road trip.

Thailand From India By Road