Is another matter that is being debated in society a lot For a high penalty increase in the new traffic law Which has opened the way for traffic police to be able to receive more benefits or not in this way In this regard, Maj. Gen. Eakrak Limsangkas, Commander of the Special Branch 3, as a committee to solve the problem. National Police Traffic Office Have told this story that Draft act If this issue is effective, the inquiry official will not be able to compare the fines. But the adjustment will depend on the court’s consideration In the process of considering cancelling the share of fines to traffic police to prevent the complaint that the traffic police called for benefits too, which is in the process of consideration.


For the current share of traffic fines, for example, a fine of 100 baht, the amount of 50 baht will be sent to the local fund for various traffic-related maintenance costs 2 baht, 50 satang and another 47 baht will be divided to traffic police. As for the idea of ​​drafting the law With Mrs. Suphachoti Ngam Director of the Law Office, Department of Land Transport It is said that the penalty is heavier. Will be able to help drivers realize and comply with traffic regulations in Thailand strictly Which, if followed, will be able to help reduce accidents and control accidents that result from damage, travel, death and property of the people.


The draft law will be passed through the Secretariat of the Cabinet. To propose to the Cabinet to consider the completion and think that it is entering the draft process And additional amendments and consideration of the National Legislative Assembly There will be a total of 3 hearings, after the Cabinet has presented the Royal Declaration and published in the Government Gazette. And is expected to be enforced as a law, effective within this year 2019

In addition, Maj. Gen. Ekarak Limsangas, as the Committee on the Amendment of the Traffic Law, the National Police Office has said that now the Royal Thai Police Have studied the ways to modify the traffic laws so that people can respect the law and reduce accidents in Thailand, therefore, the review of the cutting of behaviour points, driving license again, with traffic laws revised Land Route 142/1 and 142/2


In this way, the drafting of rules, regulations, guidelines, and strict enforcement control need to be done with much control, which has been passed by the Royal Decree. Is completed and must be made to allow citizens to consider the public opinion as required by the constitutional law, and for the enforcement of the measure to cut the vote has set rules as follows …

The rules are as follows: People with a driver’s license will have a total of 12 points, with the offence according to the Traffic Act.

1. Action groups then affect themselves and others less, such as Not wearing a helmet, not wearing a seat belt, cutting 1 point

2. Group 2 affects oneself and the public in the middle, such as driving a red light, driving a back arrow is cut. 2 points, group 3 affects both himself and others, such as drinking and driving Drug abuse

If the public has received a total of 12 points, the driver’s license will be suspended for 90 days and if the driver has been suspended for 3 consecutive times, the driver’s license will be suspended for 1 year, and after the expiration of the license, the driver’s license may be deducted. 12 One more point Otherwise, the driver’s license will be revoked for 3 years. After that, you can apply for a license with the Department of Transportation again