Royal Creek Golf Club UdonThani  Good value or not I cant Say.

         Royal Creek Golf course Ampher phen Udonthani. Close to Our Hotel Resort

The new golf course emerging just outside Udon. Royal Creek Golf Course will be a top standard course, with the first 9 holes to open in January. The first 18-hole pro tournament is coming in May. Still a mountain of work to do!

Will it be expensive? Of course. Weekday green fees 1,600 plus 300 for the caddy, 600 for the cart. Probably half that on the sports day.

Sang Paen, Phen District, Udon Thani 41150ตำบล สร้างแป้น อำเภอ เพ็ญ อุดรธานี 41150FXF8+Q9 Sang Paen, Phen District, Udon Thani I will add lots more info and photos soon

Royal Golf1

“Royal Creek Golf Club in UdonThani North Thailand

Royal Golf 5

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