A Thai tuk-tuk has sped its way into the record books after achieving a record-breaking speed of 119.584 km/h (74.306 mph).

Matt Everard and Russell Shearman (both UK), set the record for the fastest autorickshaw/tuk-tuk (prototype) at Elvington airfield in North Yorkshire.

But how did the record-breaking feat come about?

We’re all guilty of making an impulse online buy now and again but Matt, from Billericay in Essex, took this one step further.

He was browsing eBay one evening and ended up purchasing a Thai tuk-tuk.

Matt then embarked on the mission of not just owning any old tuk-tuk, but the world’s fastest tuk-tuk and started making the necessary modifications which added up to £20,000.

Built in 1971, the three-wheeled vehicle had its original two-stroke 350cc motor removed and replaced with a 1300cc fuel-injection engine.

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