A new form of traffic ticket will come into force in December and police are hoping that it will lower the number of offenders and increase people accountability.

Starting in December those caught violating traffic regulations who do not pay their fines will see the score on their driving license reduced, if the score drops low enough the offenders license can be suspended.

Because of the high amounts of fatalities on Thai roads the penalties for speeding and other traffic infractions have been increased in an attempt to reduce traffic accidents.

Another issue with the current tickets that are being used is that not every offender actually pays the fine.

Many believe they can get away with not paying because of poor record-keeping and that the penalty for ducking a fine is not very severe.

The new tickets that are coming into force will have a clear date and time of the offence and a block of pre-printed offences that an officer simply needs to check off.

I guess we will have to wait until December to see if the new tickets work or not.

Source: Coconuts.Co