Chiang Mai: Trekking

Doi Inthanon National Park covers 482.40 square kilometres. As one of Thailand’s most popular provinces for tourists, Chiang Mai has plenty of great attractions but one of the best has to be Doi Inthanon National Park. Capped by the 2,565-meter peak of Doi Inthanon — Thailand’s tallest — it’s a lush expanse of waterfalls, trekking trails, campgrounds and hill tribe villages.
Surrounded by mountains and rustic farmland, Chiang Mai is the perfect starting point for trekking in Northern Thailand. With its mountainous landscape


Thailand is a fantastic country to travel with our kids. Thailand is relatively safe to travel and Thais really love kids. Chiang Mai, in particular, is a great destination for families. You can easily spend a week here doing tours with the family without getting bored.



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