Apartments villas and rooms for Rent in UdonThani. Prices from 3900 baht per month.  We have many options 1,2,3 bedroom Apartments and Villas,. and Rooms at our new Resort Complex.

We have large and Small Rooms from 3900 baht per month with Shower Suite and Balcony

We have 1 bedroom Villas from 6900 baht per month 70 square meters in size.

We have 2 bedroom Villas 12,000 baht per month  with Garden and lots room inside the villas 140 square meters.

3 bedroom villas  for 16,000 baht per month.

1 bedroom Apartments with Swimming pool  12,000 baht per month.

CALL 0868 592 986   OR  E mail

Below 1 bedroom Villa with Living room Kitchen double bedroom and shower suite.



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Call 0868 592 986 or E Mail