Northern Thailand, bordering Laos and Myanmar (Burma), is known for its thickly forested mountains inhabited by several hill tribes, each with its own language and culture. In the provincial capital, Chiang Mai, the old city has noteworthy Buddhist temples dating to the Lanna Kingdom, including 14th-century Wat Chedi Luang. The sacred, gilded Doi Suthep Temple overlooks the city from nearby.


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Travelling up by rail through the central plains, there’s no mistaking when you’ve reached the north of Thailand: somewhere between Uttaradit and Den Chai, the train slows almost to a halt, as if approaching a frontier post, to meet the abruptly rising mountains that continue largely unbroken to the borders of Burma and Laos. Beyond this point the climate becomes more temperate (downright cold at night between December and February), nurturing the fertile land that gave the old kingdom of the north the name of Lanna, “the land of a million rice fields”

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