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Udon Thani province inherent natural beauty. One of them is the Red Lotus Sea, this place have millions of lotus plant, guns, burst from November to February next year. Guests come here to be seated along the lake boat closer to the brilliant flowers.

The Red Lotus Sea or is known in Thai as “Thalay Bua Daeng” is at the Nongharn-Kumpavapi lake about an hour from Undon Thani City. The lake is full with pink water lilies (Thai also call it in English as lotus) and carpeted the whole lake. To peak time of the year is “winter in Thailand”-between December to February and before sun rise. To get there, travelers need a car and follow the sign on the main highway Khon Kaen-Undon Thani (Mitraphap Highway 2). Or one can get a package tour from hotels in Udon. Come to experience it, you will never forget the sight. If you…

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