Traditionally it is believed that Buddha spent seven days following his enlightenment thinking of the suffering of all living creatures and how unimportant his life was prior to reaching enlightenment.
In Thailand, the majority of people practice a form of Theravada Buddhism. It is based on the Pali Canon augmented by the practices, beliefs and magic traditions that make it unique to Thailand. Buddhism is based on the Four Noble Truths through the practice of the Eightfold Noble Path and the daily Five Basic Precepts.
Thais are superstitious and believe that their day of birth reflects their life and there are seven Buddha images to reflect each day of the week (actually, there are eight Buddha images but I’ll talk more about that in a moment).
The days are also each assigned a different color and many Thai people pay special attention to this. The most visible example is the wearing of yellow shirts on Mondays to honor HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Likewise, you will see many blue shirts each Friday as that was the day of the week that HM Queen Sirikit was born. Even the different royal flags are colored to reflect individual birthdays of the royal family.

Sunday is the Day of Restraint with red being the color of those born on this day of the week.
A person born on a Sunday is respectable, wise, loved by friends and family. He is likely to be in a professional occupation. His lucky day is Wednesday and lucky color is green while the unlucky day is Friday and unlucky color is blue

Monday is called the Day of Making Peace. The day’s color is cream or yellow.
A person born on a Monday is serious with a good memory and a love of travel. This person is likely to be in a skilled occupation whose lucky day is Saturday and lucky color is black. His unlucky day is Sunday and unlucky color is orange.

Tuesday with the daily color of pink, is the Sleeping Day.
This person is serious, brave and active most probably in the services. His lucky day is Thursday and lucky color is yellow. The unlucky day is Monday and the unlucky color is white.

Wednesday is divided into day and night according to Thai astrology. The color for those born on Wednesdays is green.The Morning is for Receiving.
The person born on Wednesday morning is polite, artistic and emotional. He is most likely working creatively. Wednesday night is their lucky time and the lucky color is green. His unlucky day is Tuesday and the unlucky color is pink.

The Evening is for the Blessed One.
This person is hard working and honest. He is likely to be employed in a profession with the lucky day of Monday and the color white. The unlucky day is Thursday and the unlucky color is yellow.

Thursday uses the colors of orange or brown. It is the Day of Meditation.
This person is peaceful, calm and honest –likely to be a teacher or in the legal profession. His lucky day is Sunday and the lucky color is orange. The unlucky day is Saturday and the unlucky color is black

Friday is the Day of Contemplation. The day’s color is blue.
This person is fun loving, friendly and ambitious, probably an entertainer or public figure. Their lucky day is Tuesday and the lucky color is pink. The unlucky time is Wednesday night and the unlucky color is light green.

Saturday is the Day of Protection and uses the colors of black or purple.
This person is calm, logical and a bit of a recluse. He is very likely engaged in manual work of a skilled nature. The lucky day is Friday and the lucky color is blue. The unlucky day is Wednesday during the daytime with the unlucky color of green.

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