Strawberry farms in Chiang Mai are very popular in Thailand, especially those situated on the uphill road to Doi Ang Khang and those at Mae Sa Meng district. Generally, there are many strawberry farms which open for visitors along the way to Doi (Doi literally means mountain). Here is the list of strawberry farms.
-Wong Wan Strawberry, situated in the middle of Samoeng Valley in Chiang Mai province. It is organic strawberry farm which produces beautiful, big, fresh and insecticide-free strawberries. You can pick off the strawberries as much as you want. In the farm, you will find a small restaurant where you can taste wine in a unique relaxing atmosphere. You can also learn the process of growing strawberry and wine production.
-Doi Kaew is an 100% organic strawberry farm and agriculture learning center founded by Mr. Witthaya Narata, a local strawberry guru, on an area of 20 Rai. This farm succeeds in growing organic strawberry and then introduce his concept to the public. Doi Kaew farm grows many hybrids of strawberry, i.e. Phra Ratchathan 60, 72 and 80 which are much sweeter and more scented than other 329 hybrids in the market. These tasty strawberries are waiting for you to pick off and try them! Besides strawberries, seedless grape and products from strawberry are also sold here, e.g. Strawberry wine, Strawberry jam, dried strawberry. After enjoying the impressive view in the farm, you can go uphill to visit Phra That Doi Nok or make merit by donating money to build the uphill stair to Doi.
-Strawberry farm on Doi Ang Khang, a royal project’s strawberry farm surrounded by stunning view of flowers. The visitors can purchase strawberry “Phra Ratchathan 80” which is charged by weight.
-Phuchit strawberry farm, another organic strawberry farm surrounded by beautiful mountains, where vivid fresh strawberries are waiting you for to taste them!. Parking lots, toilets, lobby with coffee or drinks are also provided and you can purchase fresh strawberry, fresh orange or various fruit products.

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