Ang Thong is one of the central provinces of Thailand. The name “Ang Thong” means “gold basin”, thought to have derived from the basin-like geography of the area, and the golden color of the rice grown in the region.



                                                                  ABOUT ANG THONG

Ang Thong is a small province through which the Chao Phraya and Noi Rivers flow.
Ang Thong is mostly flat, containing neither mountains nor forests, and consists primarily of agricultural land. Ang Thong receives much rain during the rainy season and the two rivers and their subsidiary canals (klongs) provide enough water to the sandy soil to produces abundant rice crops. Ang Thong is only 108 kilometers from Bangkok and is an area of historical importance for its contributions to Thai art and mythology. There are a number of historical attractions in Ang Thong, including many fine temples, and there are opportunities to see unique handicrafts produced in several local villages.

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