Fitness Holiday’ in Thailand?  have you tried or would you like to try ?

For those of us who view holiday time as an opportunity to do as little as possible while simultaneously gorging on as much junk food as possible, the term ‘fitness tourism’ must seem like a very strange concept. But it’s an actual real thing, and industry experts reckon it’s about to take off.

The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) seems to agree. According to their findings, global wellness tourism revenues grew 14% from 2013 to 2015, and will grow another 37.5%, to $808 billion, by 2020.

Thailand is placed at a solid 13th spot in terms of popularity as a global fitness tourism destination, with nearly 10 million people visiting the kingdom each year in search of a bit of exercise under the sun.

Not surprisingly, there are a growing number of businesses in Thailand catering for the demand. Many offer packages and programs – often including accommodation and food – specifically tailored for fitness freaks. We have gathered a few below ready for your holiday.


As well as things like ‘emotional balance’ therapy, stress reduction, detox weeks and yoga, the stunning Thai retreat also run a basic optimal fitness program. Guests have the choice of spending between five and 10 nights on a Thai Island, with access to the range of fitness facilities and complementary treatments as part of the package.

This upscale wellness retreat enjoys a particularly spectacular location, centered around a beach side cave that was once used by Buddhist monks as a place for meditation. Prices start at THB 95,000 for a single room and THB 160,000 for couples (price includes accommodation and all meals/non-imported drinks    Very Expensive indeed

If any one would like to have a Boot Camp in UdonThani  We have a lovely Resort in the country  that would make a nice boot Camp   please Contact us for more information

Lots room for Bikes and long walks and Running and keep fit